 Gynecology:
o Oncology (most important): Staging With Treatment‐Endometrium, cervix, ovary
o Menstrual Physiology: Normal phases, Abnormalities, especially Primary Amenorrhea
o PCOS: criteria, pathophysiology, Mx
o Contraception
o Infertility: approach‐based Qs
o STI: Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonas, Candidiasis
o Mullerian Anomalies: Classification (recent update), MRKH, AIS
o Obstetrics
o Physiological Changes In Pregnancy: One liners, quantitative values
o Systemic Conditions In Pregnancy: GDM, PIH,Rh isoimmunization, Anemia most important
o Interventions: Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villous Sampling
o GTN, Ectopic Pregnancy, Abortions
o Operative: C Sec/ Ventouse/ Forceps
o Stages Of Labour, Partogram, NST: Recent trend
o PPH: Management algorithm with drug dosages must
o Pelvis Types, Fetal Skull Diameters