o Metabolism:o Glycolysiso Gluconeogenesiso Krebs cycleo Glycogen Synthesiso Glycogenolysiso Fatty acid synthesis and Oxidationo Cholesterol Metabolismo Purine and pyrimidine synthesis and metabolismo Genetics: To be done with pathology and genetic disorders of pediatricso Karyotypingo PCR and types, esp. RT‐PCRo FISHo Microarray, CGHo Epigeneticso Flow cytometryo Vitamins and essential fatty acids‐Function, Deficiencyo Porphyria With Heme Synthesis: […]


Complete Dentures.   Applied Anatomy and Introduction Biomechanics of the edentulous Residual ridge   Communicating with the patient Understanding the * Mental Attitude. Instructing the   Diagnosis and treatment planning for patients- With some teeth With no teeth Systemic Local The geriatric Diagnostic   Articulators –   Improving the patient’s denture foundation and ridge relation-an-overview. […]

Medicine – Part 2

RHEUMATo Vasculitis: CHAPEL HILL Classification most importanto SLE, Systemic Sclerosis, RA, Gouto Behcets Diseaseo Wilson’s, HemochromatosisENDOCRINEo Pituitary Adenoma,Sheehan syndrome, Lymphocytic hypophysitiso Galactorrhea‐amenorrhea Syndromeo Disorders of Calcium Metabolismo MEN syndromeso Diabetes: Mx, MODY (to be done with pharmacology)NEUROLOGYo LOCALISATION of pathology most importanto Specific EEG changeso Stroke: Approach, Mx, Windowo Epilepsy: Causes, Mx (to be done […]


OBJECTIVES :   Knowledge and understanding Skills and     A). Knowledge and under standing: The graduate should acquire the following knowledge during the period of training. Diagnoss and treat simpel restorative work for Gain knowedge about aesthetic restorative material and to translate the same to patients Gain the knowledge about endodentic treatment on the […]


COURSE OBJECTIVE: Undergraduate programme in Orthodontics is designed to enable the qualifying dental surgeon to diagnose, analyse and treat common orthodontic problems by preventive, interceptive and corrective orthodontic procedures. The following basic instructional procedures will be adapted to achieve the above objectives.   Introduction, Definition, Historical Background, Aims and Ojectives of Orthodontics and Need for […]


Physical World and Measurement Physics: Scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society Need for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of measuring instruments; errors in measurement; significant figures. Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis and its […]


GOAL:   To prevent and control oral diseases and promote oral health through organised community efforts.   OBJECTIVES:   Knowledge: At the conclusion of the course the student shall have a knowledge of the basis of public health, preventive dentistry, public health problems in India, Nutrition, Environment and their role in health, basics of dental […]

Orthopedics – Part 1

IMAGING1. Periosteal Reaction*2. Investigations for stress Fracture3. Osteomyelitis and Bone TumorsINFECTIONS:1. Osteomyelitis2. Pyogenic arthritis3. ActinomycosisTUBERCULOSIS:1. Pott’s spine*2. T.B. Knee & HipBONE TUMORS:1. Diagnosis especially benign tumors*2. Management malignant tumors*3. Bone CystSPORTS INJURY:1. Cruciate ligaments and Meniscal injuriesAMPUTATION:1. Symes2. Choparts3. LisfrancTRAUMATOLOGY1. COMPLICATION:a. Compartment Syndromeb. Crush Injuryc. Fat Embolismd. Sudecks dystrophye. Myositis Ossificans


The major aim is to provide a sound but crisp, knowledge on the biochemical basis of the life processes relevant to the human system and to dental/medical practice. The contents should be organized to build on the already existing information available to the students in the pre-university stage and reorienting. A mere rehash should be […]


Physical world and measurement Kinematics Laws of Motion Work, Energy and Power Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Gravitation Properties of Bulk Matter Thermodynamics Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory Oscillations and Waves