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# 1341/A, 8th ‘C’ Cross, 8th Main Road, 1st phase Girinagar, 2nd Phase, Bengaluru, 560085, India


+91 80 2642 0794


# 1341/A, 8th ‘C’ Cross






About Shanthinikethana School | Bangalore

School has the best available facilities like playground, library, science hall, and computer lab.We nurture our students with an enriching academic experience that spurs hard work and holistic excellence in a young and competitive generation.The Shanthinikethana School mainly focus on giving practical knowledge to students, making students more efficient, and increasing problem solving skills and thinking capabilities of students.The Shanthinikethana School provides the facilities like extracurricular workshops, libraries, halls, games equipment, assembly area and proper sanitation facilities, etc.Camps activities include field expeditions, environmental, adventure and leadership training camps.Other facilities provide for students learning and leisure use include our spacious library and associated computer equipment for reference and research, multi-purpose ball courts for sports activities, concourse for musical performances and art exhibitions, studios for drama, performing arts and visual arts, ‘green roof’ gardens, canteen.School has the best available facilities like playground, a library, a science hall, and a great computer lab.The Shanthinikethana School is well equipped in terms of facilities as we have a Sports, a library, a nice playground, our classes are modern, the buses are adequate and labs are functional.To hone the creative talents in the students, The Shanthinikethana School has formed hobby clubs, where students can join several leisure activities like arts and crafts, music, dance, rangoli, debates, literary activities, gardening and so on.
• Smart Class
• Creative Learning
• Well equipped Library
• Conducive classrooms for learning
• Opportunity to learning French language