Obstetrics and Gynae

 Gynecology:o Oncology (most important): Staging With Treatment‐Endometrium, cervix, ovaryo Menstrual Physiology: Normal phases, Abnormalities, especially Primary Amenorrheao PCOS: criteria, pathophysiology, Mxo Contraceptiono Infertility: approach‐based Qso STI: Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonas, Candidiasiso Mullerian Anomalies: Classification (recent update), MRKH, AISo Obstetricso Physiological Changes In Pregnancy: One liners, quantitative valueso Systemic Conditions In Pregnancy: GDM, PIH,Rh isoimmunization, Anemia […]


Community pediatrics: To be done with PSMo New programs, MCH programso IMR, NMR, U5MR – Current Values, MC CauseDevelopmental Milestones :MUST REVISE MULTIPLE TIMESNeonatalogyo Neonatal Reflexeso NRP Guidelineso RDS: All causes, differeneso HIEo IODMo NEC‐Bell’s Stagingo Breast feedingo Jaundice : Causes, Physiological vs pathological,MxNeurocuataneous Syndromeso NF1, NF2o Tuberous sclerosiso VHLo Sturge weber syndromeCongenital Heart Diseaseo […]


Bacteriologyo Strep/Staph Classificationo Staph Toxinso Legionella: Case scenarioo Typhoid toxinso E.coli, Salmonella , Cholera, Pseudomonas : Lab tests, toxinso Clostridium: Toxinso Tuberculosis: Lab Ix most importanto Rickettsia, Syphilis, Leprosyo Leptospira,Brucella: Case based QsParasitologyo Malaria: Image‐based Qs, stageso Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Nematodes/Trematodes‐Transmission And Hosto Toxoplasmosiso Cysticercosis‐Esp. NCC stagesVirologyo Classification of viruseso Influenza: Shift vs Drifto Hepatitis: Types, […]

Pathology – Part 1

Neoplasiao Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes‐Very importanto Cell Cycle Regulationo Steps of neoplasia‐Robbinso Paraneoplastic syndromeso Tumor markersImmunityo Hypersensitivity reactions with exampleso MHCo Amyloidosiso CD Markerso Vasculitis AutoantibodiesInflammationo Factors, Cytokines, Chemokineso Leukocyte adhesion disorderso Wound Healingo Platelet & Coagulation Factors with Cascade, Platelet Function DefectsGeneticso Inheritance Patternso Downs, Turners, Noonan, Klinefelter syndromes‐Manifestationso Anticipationo Trinucleotide repeat disorders, esp. […]