o Metabolism:o Glycolysiso Gluconeogenesiso Krebs cycleo Glycogen Synthesiso Glycogenolysiso Fatty acid synthesis and Oxidationo Cholesterol Metabolismo Purine and pyrimidine synthesis and metabolismo Genetics: To be done with pathology and genetic disorders of pediatricso Karyotypingo PCR and types, esp. RT‐PCRo FISHo Microarray, CGHo Epigeneticso Flow cytometryo Vitamins and essential fatty acids‐Function, Deficiencyo Porphyria With Heme Synthesis: […]

Medicine – Part 2

RHEUMATo Vasculitis: CHAPEL HILL Classification most importanto SLE, Systemic Sclerosis, RA, Gouto Behcets Diseaseo Wilson’s, HemochromatosisENDOCRINEo Pituitary Adenoma,Sheehan syndrome, Lymphocytic hypophysitiso Galactorrhea‐amenorrhea Syndromeo Disorders of Calcium Metabolismo MEN syndromeso Diabetes: Mx, MODY (to be done with pharmacology)NEUROLOGYo LOCALISATION of pathology most importanto Specific EEG changeso Stroke: Approach, Mx, Windowo Epilepsy: Causes, Mx (to be done […]

Orthopedics – Part 1

IMAGING1. Periosteal Reaction*2. Investigations for stress Fracture3. Osteomyelitis and Bone TumorsINFECTIONS:1. Osteomyelitis2. Pyogenic arthritis3. ActinomycosisTUBERCULOSIS:1. Pott’s spine*2. T.B. Knee & HipBONE TUMORS:1. Diagnosis especially benign tumors*2. Management malignant tumors*3. Bone CystSPORTS INJURY:1. Cruciate ligaments and Meniscal injuriesAMPUTATION:1. Symes2. Choparts3. LisfrancTRAUMATOLOGY1. COMPLICATION:a. Compartment Syndromeb. Crush Injuryc. Fat Embolismd. Sudecks dystrophye. Myositis Ossificans

Orthopedics – Part 2

2. UPPER LIMB:a. Dislocations* ‐ Shoulder & Elbowb. Fractures* ‐ Clavicle, Humerus, Supracondylar humerus, Lateral condyle humerus, Colles and Carpometacarpal injuries3. CERVICAL SPINE INJURIES:4. LOWER LIMB:a. Dislocations* ‐ Hip & Kneeb. Fractures* of hip, femur shaft, Patella, Tibia and Calcaneumc. Ankle Sprain5. Treatment – Nails, Screws & WiresAVASCULAR NECROSIS* AND OSTEOCHONDRITISNEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS:a. Poliob. Disc prolapsedc. […]


o IPCs: most important; Multiple revisions neededo Rape + Sexual Offenseso Toxicology – Cover with Psychi and medicine aspects‐ Intoxication symptoms, withdrawal symptoms, Smells, Common Names, Antidotes, ActiveCompound‐Most important ‐ Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, LSD, Arsenic, Organophosphates, Cyanide,Lead, Datura, Barbiturate, Mercuryo Post Mortem Changes, Rigor Mortiso Injuries: Most important‐Ballisticso Identification‐Age and sex determination: Ossification centres, Dental, […]

Pathology – Part 2

Hematology (To be done with medicine)o RBC – Classification and differences, mutations, Megaloblastic Anemia,PNH, Thalassemia, Hemolytic Anaemiao WBC – Hodgkins’ vs Non‐Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, LCH, ALL, AML, CML,Myeloproliferative disorders ‐Prognostic factors, IHC markers, Mxo Tumor & Immunohistochemical Markers ListCa Lung , Mesothelioma, RCC, Ca Thyroid, Ca Breast, Brain TumorsCellular response to stresso Metaplasia, Hyperplasia, Atrophy, Hypertrophy, […]


General pharmacologyo Clinical Trialso Graph of Enzyme Inducers and Inhibitorso Potency vs Efficacyo Bioavailabilityo Numericals on Vd, t1/2Systemic Pharmacology : Focussed approach to each category based on MOA, side effectsANSo Beta Blockers: most importanto Cholinergics, anticholinergicso Drugs Used In GlaucomaAnti‐Microbialso General: Penicillin, Fluoroquinolones, Aminoglycosideso Antipseudomonal agentso Anti‐malarialso Ant‐tubercular drugs, Anti‐leprosy drugso ARTo Antifungalso Anticancer Agents: […]

Medicine Part 1

CVSo ECG most important‐ At least one question expected; Particulary important STEMI vsNSTEMI, Changes in Electrolyte Imbalances, Arrythmias‐ PSVT, AFIB, Atrial flutier, VFIB, ‐o RHD‐ MS, MR, AS, AR With Murmurs, Mxo Pericardial Diseaseso MI: Particularly Managemento Infective Endocarditis: Duke’s criteraio Classification of shock : Approach based QRESPIRATORYo Approach to PFT, DLco, Volume curveso Pneumoconiosis: […]


o Nerve Muscle Physiology (most important) ‐ Muscle Spindle, Golgi tendon organs, Nerve FibreClassification, Skeletal Muscle Contraction cycle, Na K Pump , Action Potentialo CNS: Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum With Its Connections, Brain Brodmann areas and their Functions, KluverbucySyndrome, Role Of Hippocampus, Hypothalamus, Spinal cord: Ascending, Descending Fibers WithFunctionso Sleep physiology‐ EEG: Normal Sleep, Disease Patterns, […]


o Programs (Most important): Must revise all recent updates and newly launched programsImportant: Mental Health Act, RNTCP, NPCB, ICDS, NVBDCP, JSSKo Biostatistics – Numerical‐based questions**, Bias, sampling, confounding, confidence interval, SE,Parametric/non‐parametric testo Epidemiology‐ Odds ratio, Study design, Hardy‐weinberg law, secular trends and epidemics,screening, Health indiceso Biomedical waste Mx‐Classification and treatment of classified wasteo Immunization – […]